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For years, our Knoxville chiropractors have had a tradition of giving excellent care to all its chiropractic patients. The Knoxville chiropractor truly enjoys serving the community with high-quality healthcare, which utilizes safe, effective, non-surgical, natural treatments to alleviate pain and symptoms and promote optimal health. That's why our Knoxville chiropractors are considered a family chiropractic care center.

The science is based on a full evaluation of pain and loss of normal function. Even though each patient may have a different condition, Knoxville chiropractors have studied many treatment methods, so as to provide the right kind of care for you. Diagnosing the problem correctly is our first concern, and the Knoxville chiropractor stands behind each diagnosis.

The Knoxville chiropractors have made it their life purpose to help others regain optimal health through chiropractic care. The Knoxville chiropractor wants to ultimately help you to regain (and maintain) long-term health and wellness, on top of relieving you of symptoms. Knoxville chiropractors also want to build a connection between the effectiveness of chiropractic with your goal of ultimate health and wellness. At each clinic, you can expect the latest techniques and leading innovations, including nutritional counseling and guidance from the Knoxville chiropractor.

Our Knoxville chiropractor takes pride in the ability to meet each new patient's specific needs, and in exceeding their every expectation. If you are interested in our chiropractic services, and are ready to get started, call the Knoxville chiropractors now to book your first appointment. So don't wait another minute. Call the Knoxville chiropractor today!

Welcome From Dr. Nathan Leavitt
Dr. Nathan Leavitt

Our clinic is located on the east side of Knoxville close to the Carmike Cinemas. Our office is both friendly and warm and we try our best to make you feel at home. We provide exceptional service. Dr. Leavitt provides spinal correction using “state of the art” chiropractic techniques. He is...

The Background and Progression of Chiropractic: The Basis for the Preparation of Doctors of Chiropractic
The history of chiropractic care spans a wide range of time. As far back as 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., Chinese and Greek literature mentioned spinal manipulation as a pain reduction method and...
Actions that Likely Lead To Upper Spine Aches and Holistic Therapies that Might Be Helpful
Your neck, which is also known as the cervical spine, consists of seven vertebrae. The neck originates at the base of the skull. Your neck is what holds your head upright, which actually weighs...
Recognizing Subluxations of your Vertebrae as well as Comprehending Therapy Resources
In chiropractic language, a "subluxation" means a dislocation of the vertebrae that impairs its functioning. The chiropractor locates the spot in which to perform spinal adjustments as a result of...

Everyone here is wonderful and makes me feel like they really care how you feel. My doctor is wonderful and has helped me so much.

Thank you so much for all you have been doing for my family. It’s such a relief to have a doctor that we can trust with our health care. The children are doing great and...

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for the exceptional service that you have continually given me. As you know, since I was in several car wrecks a few...

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